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Owl Translation Services

Owl Translation Services provides translations from Dutch to English and from English to Dutch. Delivering high quality work is our top priority. The translation is tailored towards the target audience, without deviating too much from the source text. If desired, Owl Translation Services can also edit and proofread your text.

It goes without saying that you will receive your translation from Owl Translation Services within the set deadline.


Owl Translation Services is an expert on various subjects and because of this you can count on receiving an excellent translation. If the translation is from Dutch to English, a native English speaker will screen the translation to make sure any last wrinkles are ironed out.

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Written texts should be of high quality. Not just linguistically, but topically as well. Here, Owl Translation Services' editing expertise ensures that you obtain a well-written, coherent document which clearly relays you message.

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Highly readable and well structured minutes are very valuable and can have great influence on the various processes within an organisation. For all sorts of meetings, Owl Translation Services can provide minute-taking that is tailored to your specific needs.

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